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with egyptian filmmaker jehane noujaim. it was four years ago this month when oscar grant, the 22-year old bay area resident, was shot to death by a bart police officer on new year's day in 2009. a new dramatic film portrays the last day of oscar's life. >> to you have plans for the night? >> nothing major. head out to the city. train don't you take the out there? that way you guys can drink and hang out and not have to worry about anything. >> getting over there and getting back? >> no traffic, either. you know it is going to be crazy going and coming back. >> we might take it. >> we will speak with first-time filmmaker, 26-year-old ryan coogler who worked as a social worker to juvenile detention center in san francisco. then, "who is dayani cristal?" >> a new film featuring the mexican actor gael garcia bernal examines the story of a migrant who died in the arizona desert in 2010. all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. democratic senators have unveiled their measure to reintroduce the assault weapons ban in the a
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of war in the stock market. plus, riding the oscar wave. the flims that could get bonus bucks from oscar hype. and, will admiting to doping change the financial picture for cyclist lance armstrong? first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, january 17th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: as apple goes, so goes most of the market. the dow was down, but the s&p 500 and the nasdaq made it into the green as apple had a much better day by rallying back above $500. some ups and downs from ebay. earnings were in line with expectations, but the outlook fell short. and the fed said in its beige book, the economy expanded across much of the country last month, but hiring was hampered by politcial uncertainty coming from washington. todd horwitz of the adam mesh trading group joins us on this thursday morning. good morning to you. a lot of traders are talking 1475 in the s&p 500. what is it going to take to get there? > > good morning. you know, we're close. right now the markets are in a tug
based on the true story of oakland's oscar grant took home top honors at the sundance film festival this weekend. grant was the unarmed man shot and killed by a park police officer in 2009. and there is already buzz about the film for next year's academy awards. we're hearing our first reaction to the film's big accolades from oscar grant's family. monty francis is live with the story. >> we're here at the fruitvale station. it took home two big honors this weekend at the sundance film festival. >> do you have plans for tonight? >> the film stars oscar winning actress as oscar's mother and michael b. jordan as oscar gran. it drawn cals the 24 hours leading up to the shooting that ended grant's life. fruitvale won the grand jury prize and the sundance audience award. he lives in richmond. in his acceptance speech, he called the movie a love letter to the bay area and dedicated the honor to oscar grant's family who was there for the premier of the film in utah and just returned home. we caught one oscar grant's aunt and uncle tonight. they said the film brings the much needed humanity
. [applause] where oscar grant lived, breathed, slept, loved, fought, had fun and survived for 22 years. >> a dramatic film called, "fruitvale," about the 2009 police killing of oscar grant in oakland takes top honors at the sundance film festival. rick rowley and jeremy scahill's found, "30 juÁrez" wins best cinematography. >> the first american they had seen since americans killed half their family. they invited us in and share the most difficult time of their life with us because we promised we would do everything we could to make their story heard in america. i have to think sundance for letting us keep that promise. >> today's exclusive, extended broadcast interview about "running from crazy" about mariel hemingway. >> i think for me who has been running from crazy my whole life to realize that is not a choice for me, even though i have had suicidal thoughts in the past, it was so clear it is not acceptable in my life. which was a wonderful kind of realization. >> we speak with mariel hemingway and two-time oscar- winning filmmaker barbara kopple about the hemingway family history
, to oscar gold. it's a big day for hollywood's brightest stars. the academy award nominations announced live. seth macfarlane and emma stone here with us, right here on "gma." >> woo. ♪ dream on dream on ♪ ♪ dream on dream until your dreams ♪ ♪ come true >>> and welcome to a blockbuster morning. huge crowd in times square this morning. cannot wait to see who gets nominated for the oscars. good morning, to robin. waving to everyone out there in times square. sam is in vegas, two days ahead of miss america. great to have amy and ginger zee back. this morning, we're learning a lot more down in washington about the president's cabinet nominations. some questions about the lack of women in very top jobs. "the washington post" had the line of the day. it looks like "mad men" goes to washington, except peggy's leaving. >> and the photo in "the new york times" not helping matters yesterday. >>> race against time. look at these whales, stranded. they are trapped in the ice, far from home. can the giants of the sea be set free before it's too late? it's kind of like that movie. >> so hope th
. >> catherine: ahead at eight. it's been four years since the fatal encounter between oscar grant and bart police at a station in oakland. how grant is being remembered tonight. and the movie that's heading for sundance. >>> a close call on a frigid lake. the dramatic video of a sledder. and his rescuers. falling through thin ice. >>> and celebrating the first area.. the twist that makes this delivery. extra special. >> catherine: grocery stores in alameda county are now charging customers for paper bags. that follows the ban on plastic bags that went into effect last year. us what people think of the additional cost. >> jack refused to pay the extra 105. so he walked out in the cold carrying two bags he did not he was not alone. >> it is not worth it. and maybe i'd is one-stop shopping. >> i do not know what i'm going to do now. >> these used to be free. they did not mind paying the extra time to restore caught off guard. >> i thought that the guy was joking because i knew the guy and i said 105? i think that it is great. we do not need any more plastic bags. the maureen thinks that it is
news on the oscar nominations. "lincoln" snagging the most. life of pi right behind. chris connelly is here. let's start with is the snubs. >> les miserables directed itself, katherine bigelow doesn't have to wear heels. the story was rebellion, rebellion in fans, in the house of philadelphia. a movie started life in a log cabin and just kept on going. >> oh, wow. impressive. >> fantastic. right there, lot more coming up. >>> we'll turn now to the deadly flu outbreak. >>> let's take a look. 12 nominations in all including best actor for daniel day-lewis. supporting actress for sally field. best director for steven spielberg. hugh jackman, best actress. anne hathaway for best supporting actress. >>> thanks. >> reporter: the biggest shock came in best director, argo's ben affleck and kathryn bigelo were were passed over. life of pi still sliced 11 nominations. alan arkin and phillip seymour hoffman. best actress includes the youngest actress, ever. and its oldest ever em manuelle. >>> turned out to be nine best pictures nominee in all. a possible ten. lot of them were granted betts di
worldwide. >>> and oscar's youngest nominee. the 9-year-old who is the talk of tinseltown, taking home a trophy last night. reading her speech off her bright pink phone. >>> good friday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. we begin with the arctic blast, bringing snow instead of sunshine to southern california. >> this morning, that powerful system is stretching all the way to michigan, with winter warnings and watches posted, now, in more than a dozen states. abc's michael barr has the latest. >> reporter: the arctic blast is dumping snow on southern california, shutting down interstate 5, north of los angeles. roads in higher elevations quickly turned icy. >> it's very, very icy up there. kind of dangerous roads. making sure to chain up before i head up there. >> reporter: along with snow and ice, the storm is bringing 45-mile-per-hour to 60-mile-per-hour winds to the west. the blustery weather triggered mudslides near seattle. it's a cold front, sending a chill to the middle of the country. would notice that chill after getting severe weather m
, oscar nominees were announced this morning. george has a run down of the big contenders up for an academy award. >> for the 85th oscars, lincoln wins bragging rights as most nominated. to win best picture it will have to beat eight other movies, amore nominated for best foreign language form, argo, beast of the southern wild, django, life of pi, silver lining playbook and zero dark 30. >> i think we're going to be sitting at the edge of our seats which movie is going to win. >> seth mcfarland made the announcement and now the meeys for best actor. >> daniel lewis in lincoln, denzel washington in flight. hugh jack man. bradley cooper in silver linings playbook and you what queen phoenix. >> plus, there is jennifer lawrence for silver lining playbook and 58-year-oldmoon you'll riva. beestd from the southern wild is the youngest and naomi watts for the impossible. >> i don't think we can predict what is going to happen after the day. supporting actor category features five former oscar winners. in the supporting actress category, amy adams, sally field anne hathaway and jackie
. the official oscar nominees. the young, the old, the shoo-ins, the surprises. who ended up in the snubbed >>> this is "nightline" with terry moran. >> hello, everyone. i'm terry moran. glad you're with us tonight. we're going to bring you the latest in the twisted tale of love turned deadly, centered around a young woman accused of stabbing, shooting and slashing her one-time boyfriend. as the gruesome details of this crime have been exposed in court, the bizarre turns just keep oncoming, including explosive testimony from the other man in her life. abc's ryan owens brings us the latest from phoenix, arizona. >> reporter: admitted killy jody arias has sobbed every day of trial, but prosecutors say tears shouldn't be enough to save her life. they say the petite, soft spoken 32-year-old deserves to die because alexander's death was so heinous. he was found butchered in the shower of his mesa, arizona, home in june of 2008. he had been stabbed 27 times, his throat was slit so deep he was almost decapitatdecapitated was shot in the head. the testimony of ryan burns this week may have made her
at the consumer electronics show - why automakers are stealing the spotlight. plus, oscar nominees come out today. our critic's predictions on who will score big with the academy this year. and, stocks one wall street firm calls sure bets. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's thursday, january 10th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: snap back: after two sessions of selling, stocks rallied wednesday on the heels of better-than-expected earnings from monsanto and alcoa. investors are liking facebook. the stock surged above $30 wednesday on word the company will reveal a mystery product next tuesday. that's the highest its been since july, but still below the $38 ipo price. and, labor secretary hilda solis is resigning from her position with the obama administation. stocks made a comeback. jared levy of joins us now with some comments on that. what do you think? is this the beginning of something bigger out there jared? > > you know angie, the past couple of days have really been more sideways than anything. marke
restos de oscar velasco montano "cuando la policia nos llama y nos avisa que ya han encontrado los restos de oscar bueno fue un dolor muy grande pero nosotros por como es oscar o como era oscar sabiamos que no era normal que el no nos hubiera dejado ni un dia sin noticias de el." la policia de fairfax dice que sus restos se encontraron en un campo abierto en maryland. "se encontro partes de un esqueleto en un campo en frederick oscar desaparecio misteriosam ente el 9 de julio de su trabajo aqui en tysons corner el fue a trabajar como de costumbre pero nunca regreso a su casa la policia no quiso hablar de sospechosos, solo se limito a decir que el caso es ahora un homicidio y que esperan hacerle justicia a esta familia boliviana que no perdio la fe ni descanso en buscar a su ser querido "la investigacion continua pero lo tenemos, ya lo tenemos. su mama su papa, sus hermanas la familia de el van a descansar ya saben a donde estan dirigiendo sus plegarias." con los restos encontrados, y algunas pistas, se necesitan testigos o alguien que de informacion sobre el responsable de este asesinato
-fingered discount. >> he said, i got caught. how oscar the sly pooch nearly pulled it off. >> i have three legs. >> guys, i've got a pair of crazy moments from out there on the road. first one from phoenix, arizona, and our friends at abc 15, surveillance video shows a camaro flying over that median into a city bus. and watch closely. you actually see a passenger fly out of that car. now we also have video from inside the bus. watch how this impact affected passengers on the bus. you see a number of them knocked down as the camaro slammed into this bus. three people from inside the bus taken to hospital, treated for minor injuries. rescue workers had to cut out the driver and the other passenger from this camaro. all are expected to survive. the driver in the hospital with some severe injuries, though. cops do say alcohol could be a factor in this and the driver charged so far with felony endangerment. >> you could tell the driver was going incredibly fast to be able to go over the median and slam that hard into the s. >>ow from to russia where crashes are pretty ordinary. but it's not a crash
it harder to get one? >>> can you feel the excitement? we're just an hour and a half away from the oscar nominations, so who's in, who got snubbed? we're going to bring it to you all live. the action is right here coming up. >>> among our guests this morning, connecticut senator richard blumenthal will be joining us, new york congressman joseph crowley, dr. sanjay gupta is with us, the dog whisperer, cesar milan and comedian jay thomas joins us as well. it's thursday, january 10th. "starting point" begins right now. >>> good morning, welcome, everybody. our starting point this morning, the majority of the united states now dealing with a severe and deadly bout of the flu. the cdc reporting that influenza cases are widespread across 41 states. more than 2200 people reported hospitalized. here are the hardest-hit states. pennsylvania, south carolina. each reporting 22 flu-related deaths. massachusetts declaring a medical emergency. 700 confirmed cases in boston since october. rates ten times higher than what they saw last year. our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, joins us th
place. >>> and bay area man nominated for oscar. and piece of history he used to make the history he used to make the film lincoln look even moreee >> today chilly temperature drop low enough to bring a light dusting to the bay area. we see a look over mount hamilton in santa clara county where that is actually ice we are seeing on the leaves from freezing fog. and here's a live shot now from our emeryville camera look teing bay. if you thought it was cold today, the temperatures could get even lower. good ning i'm dan ashley let's get to sandy with a close watch on what is going on out there. >> if you don't feel the winter chill yet get ready to feel it tonight. already out there temperatures falling. live doppler 7 hd showing you skies are clear right now. and this is where the freeze warnings are going up. very shortly here friday and saturday 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. darker purple. all of the north basement its bay interior valley and santa clara valley which includes san jose. mid 2 is to low 30's. freeze damage to crops sensitive plants. bayshore line indicated by th
from the flu. that is what we need. details are coming up. >>> how much is an oscar really worth to a movie? the 2013 academy award nominees are out. studios dropped 10 of millions of dollars on their oscar campaigns. a top industry expert is here to crunch the numbers. even when they say it's not, it is always about money. melissa: we start today with another school shooting. it happened at taft union high school in california. one student was shot. the sheriff says they have one suspect in custody. makes the meetings on gun control today, on capitol hill even more urgent. the fact that vice president joe biden met with the nra and other gun rights activists on possible new federal regulation. at the same time attorney general eric holder was talking to retailers about solutions to gun violence. all of it could end up having a deep impact on the sales of guns in this country, which in turn would hit our already struggling economy. fox business's rich edson is in washington with the latest. rich, what do we expect to come out of all this effort? >> a report to be delivered tuesda
from the oscars and two nominees are still big at the box office. we'll tell you who came out on top. >> leigh: i'm meteorologist leigh glaser. a terrific day today, lots of sunshine, but very cool temperatures. we'll look at the highs for today and let you >> investigators in brazil are still trying to figure out what caused a nightclub to burst into flames, killing 232 people. the tragedy sent people streaming into the streetstreets. it happened this morning people used actions to make escape routes. [inaudible] >> survivors claim a band member lit a flare that ignited the ceiling insulation, police say men people died when the doors were blocked by bodies of other victims. more than 100 survivors are being treated at hospitals. >> dozens of hikers were rescued after getting stranded in a canyon near tucson, arizona. the hikers say they got stuck after a river swelled to a raginger to represent in a matter of minutes, rescuers used a technique roping together hikers and flow addition devices to get them through the high water. others were flown out by helicopter. >>> californians l
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in the past year. we'll take a look at the oscar nominations. >>> another mild day here at the metro area. here is a look at the numbers. going into the books of the official high temperature. the low is above freezing, only 44 was the low, the averages were 42 and 27 and that is the average low downtown. now, we'll come back and talk about whether or not you need to grab your umbrella for tomorrow and a look for your weend, crazy temperatures all the way. >>> but first a local police officer, they are getting some experience on the other side of the law. >>> if you see this man, keep your distance. that's the warning from tacoma park police tonight about the mall. the 27-year-old escaped from washington's hospital last night. investigators say that he has been known to pick fights with officers and that he could be carrying a weapon. now if you see him, please call the police. >>> an officer of the law is facing a disturbing set of allegations tonight, but the 44- year-old says that he is not guilty. >> i'm surae chinn outside the d.c. courthouse where a man who was suppose to be trusted
oscar nominees who are being considered for hole hollywood's most coveted award. -- for hollywood's most coveted award. stay with us. we're going to talk to tom manger about gun safety in his area. stay with us. >>> today i'm one on one with montgomery county police chief tom manger. it's always a pleasure to have you. happy new year to you. >> thank you. >> we're talking good gun controls and how the country is looking at new rules and regulations, but of course in our schools it is still an issue. i'd like to know what is montgomery county doing to keep our students safe in montgomery county? >> we're working very closely with the school board on n. i was on the -- on this. i was on the phone with the school superintendent dr. star immediately after the media started reporting the incident up in connecticut. we -- i think first of all, school resource officers, officers in schools do make schools safer. there's talk about having a school resource officer in every school, every public school. i'm not sure we can afford to do that but i can tell you i do think school resource officers ma
, >>> new tonight at 11:00, a film based on the true story of oscar grant took home top honors this weekend. you will recall grant was the unarmed man shot and killed by a police officer in 2009. there is already buzz about the film for next year's academy awards. tonight we're hearing first reaction to the film's big accolades from oscar grant's family. nbc bay area's monte francis is live with the story. >> reporter: good evening. we're here at the fruitville b.a.r.t. station, the place where oscar grant was shot and from which this movie gets its name it took home two big honors this weekend at the sundance film festival. >> you guys got plans for the night? >> reporter: it stars oscar winning actress octavia spencer as oscar grant's mother. the film chronicles the 24 hours leading up to the shooting by b.a.r.t. police officer mehserle that ended the unarmed 22-year-old's life at the fruitville b.a.r.t. station early new year's morning four years ago. oscar grant's real life aunt and uncle just returned t from the film sundance festival where they attended the premier. >> of
for an oscar and piece of >> dan: the tanker crash into the bay bridge on monday is raising questions tonight whether the bay bridge should be off-limits to giant ships in heavy fog. lyanne melendez has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: the top commander of the coastguard here in the area told me this morning they have examined the entire vessel. they are done with that. they have interviewed all the crew members. now, they are just collecting the data including why a beacon device on the bridge failed. >> the bay bridge is not what is called the critical maneuvering area. this means even visibility is poor, they are allowed to navigate under the bridge but that could change. today during a monthly meeting. harbor safety committee recommended to study to see if a new safety plan should be adopted after monday's accident. that could mean reducing the numbers of vessels in the bay when visibility is low. that would likely affect the transportation of goods. >> you realize united states doesn't grow bananas so we wanted to keep the commerce flowing. with that said, we wanted to be ve
a esta familia boliviana, que encontraron los restos de oscar velasco montano "cuando la policia nos llama y nos avisa que ya han encontrado los restos de oscar bueno fue un dolor muy grande pero nosotros por como es oscar o como era oscar sabiamos que no era normal que el no nos hubiera dejado ni un dia sin noticias de el." la policia de fairfax dice que sus restos se encontraron en un campo abierto en maryland. si tienen informacion que pueda ayudar a las autoridades a esclarecer este caso ...otra persona que aparecio sin vida es el hombre que veran a continuacion... se llamaba michael steven poe tenia 23 anos y fue encontrado muerto dentro de un apartament o en el nor-oeste de washington. segun la policia, la ultima vez que fue visto poe fue en un bar en el area y nunca regreso a su casa. se investigan las causas de su muerte. autoridades tambien buscan a frank jonathan hirschel de 43 anos residente de bethesda. la policia del condado de montgomery pide la ayuda de la comunidad para poder encontrarlo... la policia dice que padece de una condicion de salud y necesita sus medicame
our kind of thing. >> and as it turns out, the same two men who are producing the oscar ceremony will be at the golden globes tonight. their show "smash" is up for an award. >> your show, "smash" is nominated for best television series, comedy or musical. are you going tonight? >> absolutely. >> yep. >> we're really excited. >> i'm leaving here and going home and changing. >> now, you have been nominated and won so many awards throughout your careers. is it still so exciting to be nominated? >> you know, we're so proud of "smash" and so proud that it's being recognized by the hollywood foreign press that, yeah, it's really, really exciting because we think that to do what all the great people on "smash" do is quite an achievement and it's so great for all of us to be acknowledged. >> besides the show being something that we're so proud of and excited about producing, we're really excited and proud of the fact that we share our producing credit with steven spielberg. who created the show in concept and in vision. it was his idea to do the show and he called us and invited us one d
privilegiado en su carrera para lograr el oscar a mejor pelÍcula. ..estos premios suelen ser un claro indicio de lo que ocurrirÁ en la entrega del oscar...
during the 49ers and packers playoff game. i will give you an update on that. >> the oscar nominations are out and we will go >> movies and actors have been nominated for an academy award. did your favorites make it? abc news reporter joins us live from los angeles with the thrill and the disappointment. >> there were several surprises this morning with the nominations that came out. one was silver linings playbook which has new received eight oscar nominations including one in each and every major category. this was still a big day for the big favorite: "lincoln." >> best picture nominee "lincoln." >> it leads the pack with telephone academy award nominations including best picture, a favorite this season and competing against eight other films for the top on including amour and beasts of the southern wild and django unchained and argo and les miserables and life of pi and zero dark thirty. seth macfarlane and emma stone revealed the winners. he, too, was nominated, seth macfarlane, for best original song. >> that is obnoxious? i'm a jerk from now on. two more oscar firsts: at 85, the
an update on that. >> the oscar nominations are out and we will go ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in health. carol and i needed help figuring out what's covered by medicare and what's not. so we turned to the same folks we've relied on for health insurance all these years. announcer: ron and carol called anthem blue cross and found an affordable medicare supplement insurance plan that pays for many of the costs that original medicare won't. now they have the confidence to keep making memories for years to come. choose from options like plans with deductibles as low as $0 and $0 for coinsurance. plus get protection from high out of pocket costs. get the freedom to keep your own doctors that you know and trust. and even get stand alone prescription drug plans for brand name and generic prescription drugs at more than 54,000 pharmacies across the country. if you're eligible for medicare or will be soon we'll help you find a plan that fits your needs. call or go online now to get answers. >> movies and actors have been nominated for a
million. and "silver linings playbook" a darling at this year's oscars, at $10 million. >>> today is bubble wrap appreciation day. rob discovered a new use for the packing material. bubble wrap was invenlted more than 50 years ago. today, the company makes muff each year to stretch to the moon and back, doing more than $8 billion in business. who doesn't appreciate bubble wrap, rob? >> we have a less serious show that comes on before this one. those of you who have never seen "world news now," that's a little taste before we put on the tie and get fancy and formal for "america this morning." >> i like your bubble wrap outfit. it was a nice ensemble. >> finally going to get that emmy. >>> next on this monday morning, why a stretch of the mississippi river is closed again this morning. >>> plus, the president and hillary clinton, a wide-ranging interview. getting lots of buzz this morning. >>> and new details in one of the nation's most famous unsolved murders. [ male announcer ] when you're at the corner of "i'm a new parent" and "i have no idea what i'm doing," you need a hand. we
. >> savannah, as you get set to head to the golden globes this sunday, we will announce the oscar nominations. >>> we will go to the flu virus across the country we will go to chief editor dr. nancy snyderman. she's in boston this morning. i know there are serious cases there. >> reporter: good morning. yes. a state of emergency has been declared in boston where they were seeing patients yesterday in the hallway. representative of the strangle hold of influenza is frankly having across communities, i have been now in two major hospital emergency departments in the last three days. i have to tell you, i have never seen anything like this in the united states. >> i am declaring a public health emergency in the city of boston. >> reporter: with 18 flu related deaths in the state of massachusetts alone, boston's mayor is warning the threat is very serious. so far this season, there have been approximately 700 cases in this city alone, a ten-fold increase from last year's flu season in total. >> how many nurses are over there? >> at boston's hospital, nurse janet gill has seen it all. >> we have s
would be proud. >>> a little later on, a look at the coton very city surrounding the oscar nominated "zero dark thirty." >>> well doesn't this look like a great place to see some live music? it's called the chuck brown music pavilion. today mayor vince gray signed off for the memorial. now, the same for the interior of the howard theater designed as tribute to the god father of go-go. >>> well the search for a new fbi headquarter site has started a bit of a fight between maryland and virginia and today, virginia threw a punch at. the fbi plans to leave their old headquarter building downtown. counties in virginia and maryland both would like to be the new spot. one of them is the federal gsa warehouse near springfield mall, but the by-product of the group of northern virginias top elected leaders gave a united message today to convince the fbi that the old dominion is the place that they want to be. >> if a decision is made on the merits, the merits being what's best for the country, what's best for the fbi, what's best for the fbi employees. i think that it will be in virginia. >> n
political analyst at 5:30. but first - it's the four year anniversary of the shooting of oscar grant. the memorial today - and news of the film being made about what happened. >>> and - a man loses 13- thousand dollars on craigs- list. he says he unknowingly bought a stolen car. now he wants the public's help in catching the culprit. >>> today marks the four year anniversary of the shooting of oscar grant. he was the unarmed bart passenger shot and killed by police. it happened at the fruitvale bart station in 2009. this is video from a cell phone - from just before the shooting. today oscar grant's family and about a hundred supporters held a vigil at the station. >> it means to us the opportunity for us to bring back to life oscar's spirit, the spirit that lives in all of us to reunite, to never let us forget what happened on that platform january 1st two thousand and nine. >>> grant's family says it will continue to protest what it says is police brutality. johanas mehserle is the former bart officer who shot grant. he says he had been reaching for his taser. mehserle was convicte
,000? >> and -- . >> yeah. >> and with that $300. >> yeah. in five years. >> and. >>> the oscar nominations are out. coming up, some significant snubs. >> and why some say a film nominated for best picture is crossing the line with these action figures. >> and can you believe this? we almost hit 60 today and the weather is getting better and better and better. gary's back with the extended forecast.  [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the big hot pastrami melt. we perfected the pastrami sandwich -- filled with hot, juicy pastrami, pickles, yellow mustard and bubbly melted cheese. all piled-high on our signature freshly baked bread. made hot, toasty and just for you. and don't be afraid to put your spin on this deli style deliciousity -- add your favorite ingredients, like spicy jalapeÑos or crisp green peppers. get to your local subway and taste some perfect pastrami today! subway. eat fresh. . >>> this year's oscar nominations were announced this morning. there were shocking omissions and delightful surprises. fox's ashley devorkan looks closer at the hollywood buzz
this moment. >> lincoln steals the show grabbing the most oscar nominations. a snub for the controversial bin laden movie. >>> then, tickets to the president's inauguration that are supposed to be free are being sold for $2,000 online. why? it is just one of the things we thought you should know. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. >>> well, doctors have determined that junior seau suffered from a degenerate brain disease before he took his life. doctors from the national institutes of health studied seau's brain and concluded he suffered from cte, a condition that shows up in people with exposure to repetitive head injuries. symptoms include mood swings and depression. school officials in stubenville, ohio, reaching out to students and parents 0 of a rape case that gained national attention. the town's board of education said
, but they are more relaxed than the oscars and more of a party atmosphere. they will have momentum. as we build up to the academy awards. there has been of a lot of buzz about "lincoln" the spielberg movie about the man who ended slavery and the man who played him. the film received the biggest applause of the evening. >> and the award goes to daniel day lewis. >> he is now a clear favorite to take the oscar. >> if you thought that the show went off, her majesty the queen of england will parachute in to make a last-minute pitch for " sky fall." >> the bond movie was all the nominated in one category, best original song. >> honestly, i have come up with my friend. i was not expecting this. thank you so much. this is to my boyfriend simon who convinced me to do it. >> in tv drawbar, up claire won for best actress in "homeland." miserables" was a winner. >> you are telling me there is a movie company funded by the cia. >> it was "argo" that won best drama. tarantino took best director. strangely, he is not even nominated for an oscar. >> i loved argo. adele stole the show of the golden globes. who do
up, i will chat about the global -- golden globe awards. plus, we know who gets the oscar nods this year. >> a storm to the west and southwest that could be headed our way. details in the insta-weather plus forecast, coming up. right now, ocean city, not much action out there. 51 degrees at the ocean. here in town, 50. >> the academy awards make their choices for the year's best out of hollywood. now that the awards are in, we look at the major nominees. >> by the people, for the people. >> a grab the most golden globe nominations one month ago. now "lincoln" has the most oscar nominations. 12 overall, including best picture, best director, best actor. among the eight other films vying for best picture -- les mis, silver linings playbook, and the life of pi. "zero dark thirty" is also in the best picture category, but its director did not get a nomination. neither did an outlet for "argo" or quentin tarantino for "django unchained." >> clinton is the director's director. that is stunning. >> 9-year-old wallis is the youngest in the category. they are up against naomi watts and
britain. >> the official list of oscar nominees is out. see which of your favorites made the grade in which one got snubbed. >> a live look outside a frederick, md., where you will see a few clouds creeping and throughout the day. wait until you >> we continue with the developing story out of london this noon where a senior british detective has been convicted in the scandal surrounding rupert murdoch's tabloid news of the world. he was guilty of selling information about whether police would reopen the phone hacking scandal. that involves allegations of snooping on celebrities, politicians and others and has led to more than a dozen arrests. >> it is a beautiful scene in israel. take a look at the rear dusting of snow in jerusalem. -- rare dusting of snow in jerusalem. this is the iconic power of david. it may not look like a lot of snow, but the most they have seen in about 20 years. i know that makes you very jealous. >> but that it. we cannot even squeeze out a quarter of an inch. -- pathetic. >> adam would rather be in jerusalem than d.c. >> 2012 the hottest year on record. o
. >>> and it's been four years since oscar grant was shot and killed by a bart officer in oakland. how grant is being remembered. >> catherine: the body of a man swept out to sea off point reyes was found today. this is video from sky 7 h- d rescuers were called in after a man, woman and dog the story. >> reporter: just after noon on new years day, the coast guard received reports that a man and woman walking a dog along pt. reyes beach had been caught by what was described as a rouge wave. the woman and the dog were able to swim ashore with the help of people who saw what happene, but the man was swept to sea. the coast guard and the california highway patrol launched a rescue effort and searched for several hours. but arounnd 4pm, they found his body adrift in he's described as a 59 year old male and his identity has not yet been released. the woman was examined by paramedics, but unijured. the north bay charles clifford kron 4 news >> jacqueline: is going to be very cold with already a freeze morning and a frost advisory. we will show you how cold it will be in your neighborhood, coming u
an hour. >>> 4 years after the fatal shooting of oscar brant friend and family have gathered outside this station for a vigil. coming up we'll tell you about the gold graham's family has laid out for the new year. >> and is up in a few minutes to talk about the bay area's cool temperature. he'll tell you whether you need to keep the coat and scarf handy. the all night search for a hiker who was lost out in the cold what authorities are now saying about his condition. >>> next month pg&e will raise gas rates to help pay for pipeline safety upgrades. these were mandated by state regulators following the deadly 2010 pipeline explosion. well today marks the fourth anniversary of the shooting death of oscar by a bart police officer. happening now ktvu's ally joins us with how his death is being remembered at the site of the shooting. ally. >> well, this special runs from noon until 3:00 this afternoon. right now you can see there are about 70 to 80 people who have gathered here on the west side of the bart station. they're meeting here because directly above us it's a platform where oscar
deportes, buenas noches a todos. ....gracias regreso.... ..los nominados a los premios se retire. hoy jueves hubo mucha emocion en el ambito del septimo arte, pues se dieron a conocer los nominados a los premios oscar de la academia en su edicion numero numero 85... llegó el momentoue cineastas, productores, actores, actrices y también cinéfilos estaban esperando, la nominación para los premios oscar de la academia, este año nueve películas se encuentran en el campo de batalla para adquirir la codiciada estatuilla como mejor película, entre estas destacan lincoln con doce nominaciones, el largometraje animado "life of pi" tienei"nce nominaciones... los miseras es también está en este rubro y cuenta con ocho nominaciones... de américa latina la cinta chilena "no" del cineasta pablo larraín, logró la nominación anaoscar como mejor película extranjera... take sot entre las nominadas como mejor actríz destacan naomi watts y emmanuelle riva... como mejor actor la contienda está entre daniel day lewis quien personificó al ex presidente abraham lincoln, h
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